The Christmas festivity has been an incredible experience for many Kenyans, with much traveling to the upcountry side to share a light moment with families.

According to a survey carried out by Infortrack Kenya and released on Tuesday, December 22 revealed that approximately 61 percent did not have plans for the festivities.

Furthermore, 39 percent of the people had themselves sorted for the festivities.

The majority who had no plans for the season were from Central at 75 percent, followed by Coast at 67 percent.

Kenyans ushering New Year at a Past event in Nairobi. (Photo: Courtesy)

However, the Majority of Nairobians, at 61 percent, did not have plans/ idea where they would have spent the festive season.

With the tough economy, many Kenyans are concerned about the budgetary fixtures that follow them in the month of January or, as others would like to call it, 'Njaanuary.'

In addition, the report revealed that corruption (32%), COVID-19 (20%), IMF (2%), and Devolution (2%) were the top five contributing factors to the rising economic problems in the country.

With that in mind, Kenyans must become aware that the 2022 general election is around the corner.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has reiterated that the country loses billions of shillings before, during, and after an election, thus the need to have a plan in advance.

In line with the United States President John F. Kennedy quote, "The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining." One must ensure they have to take advantage of the discounted offers.

Taking advantage of that will help individuals buy in bulk, saving for the coming month with school fees awaiting most parents.

As many might have spent many of their yearly savings on Christmas day, the little remaining amount is essential that you save by having a deliberate plan.

These are some of the factors that many are unaware of and with the polls indicate that respondents indicated the high cost of living (21%), unemployment (15%), and poor infrastructure (15%) being their key concerns.

It is crucial one looks at the election year with much keen focus to ensure they start well financially. Invest in Financial books as well as looking to invest in the banking sector through savings in Saccos or Fixed Asset Bank Accounts.