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"The opening of this second branch marks the start of financial freedom for business operators," Governor Lusaka. 

NCBA on Tuesday, June 6 opened their 85th branch at Chwele Market in Bungoma County. 

The new branch was inaugurated by Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka in an event attended by NCBA’s leadership led by NCBA Group Executive Director and CFO David Abwoga.  

Speaking during the branch opening, Mr. Abwoga noted that the bank had a pivotal role in growing the economy adding that they were committed to offering world-class financial services. 

"We are committed to providing world-class financial solutions to our customers through our vast range of products and services, which are tailored to meet local needs while being inspired by global innovation," he stated. 

Governor Kenneth Lusaka during the opening of NCBA branch in Chwele. 

Governor Lusaka said that Bungoma boasts a population of close to 2 million people and the opening of the second branch by NCBA would mark the start of financial freedom for business operators' 

"The opening of this second branch marks the start of financial freedom for business operators, residents, schools, and other customers who transact large amounts of money in the county and Chwele. Previously, most of them would have to travel to Bungoma or use other mobile financial platforms to satisfy their business needs. Not anymore.

"Today, I would like to encourage all residents of Chwele to take advantage of the financial services that are now accessible through the opening of this NCBA branch in order to build the economy of our county,” Lusaka stated. 

The new branch is the 85th in the NCBA Bank Kenya branch network and the 2nd branch in Bungoma County making the county the 10th County to have more than one NCBA branch.

The branch began operations on 28th February 2023.