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Faraja enables customers to make purchases of between Sh20 and Sh100,000 at zero interest fee. 

Safaricom and EDOMx have partnered to launch Faraja, a service that will enable more than 32 million customers to buy on credit from businesses on Lipa Na M-PESA.

Faraja enables customers to make purchases of between Sh20 and Sh100,000 at zero interest fee and complete the payment within 30 days.

Customers can access the service at businesses that offer Faraja by dialling *799# to opt-in or make a payment, or by selecting the Faraja mini-app on the M-PESA Super App.

In addition, customers can purchase multiple items simultaneously under Faraja as long as they are within their assigned credit limits.

Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa said that they continue to innovate M-PESA to empower business owners with different tools and solutions to run their businesses better and to faster grow their firms.

"Many businesses lose out on sales when a customer would like to make a purchase but lacks money at that point. We are glad to partner with EDOMx to offer Faraja empowering any business to grow their sales by enabling their customers to buy now and pay later,” Mr. Ndegwa stated. 

On the other hand, EDOMx CEO Julian Kyula said, "In researching the global merchant and consumer industry, it was evident there is a substantial digital community that will appreciate our product offering including our zero interest initiative, plus much more in enhancing loyalty and customer focused programs. We begin with Kenya, but our eyes are on the global market because innovative concepts such as Faraja will go a long way in encouraging creativity in the digital financial sector to fulfil inclusivity goals and true sector deepening." 

 File Image of EDOMx CEO Julian Kyula. 

Faraja seeks to enable business owners to grow their sales and business by enabling their customers to make a purchase at the point of need then make payments later.

Businesses on Lipa Na M-PESA can opt into Faraja through the Faraja portal at farajacredit.com or by contacting EDOMx. Customers can use their service at any Lipa Na M-PESA outlet that offers Faraja. Currently, the service is available across all Naivas outlets, Goodlife pharmacies, City Walk amongst other merchants.

Businesses on Faraja will receive payment in full for a product or service immediately a customer makes a payment through the service.

Safaricom will enable EDOMx offer the Faraja service to more than 606,000 businesses on Lipa Na M-PESA at a negotiated facility fee payable by the business.