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President William Ruto on Wednesday toured the Coca-Cola company headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

President William Ruto on Wednesday, May 22, toured the Coca-Cola company headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. 

During the tour, the Head of State announced that the beverage company would invest Sh23 billion in Kenya over the next five years.   

"Kenya welcomes Coca-Cola's announcement to invest Sh23 billion ($175 million) over the next five years to expand its operations in the country. This is a milestone in the firm’s presence in Kenya and Africa, a testimony that we must sustain our strong collaboration for us to grow," Ruto said via his X platform. 

The President mentioned that the story of Coca-Cola and Kenya is intimately intertwined with the history of growth and development.

President Ruto, CS Miano, and others at Coca-Cola company headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

He disclosed that Coca-Cola employs about 3,000 Kenyans directly and indirectly supports another 36,800. 

"I am delighted to visit the place where the Coca-Cola Company, a leading global brand, was born 138 years ago. Some 76 years ago, the Coca-Cola System launched its operations in Kenya by setting up a production bottling plant in our capital city.

"Around that time, our freedom fighters were launching a collaboration with progressive American leaders and champions of the civil rights movements, which would lead to formal diplomatic relations in 1963 and a strong partnership founded on shared values that endures to date," remarked Ruto.