A woman who was pictured with Omar Lali, the lover of the late Tecra Muigai has spoken after a photograph of the two was shared online.

Koko Kamillah Pitrola, shut down relationship claims between them after the photo went viral on social media on Thursday, January 7, 2021.

In a statement on her Instagram stories, Kamillah revealed waking up to a lot of messages on her end telling her that she was trending for the wrong reasons.

She denied the claims which are circulating on social media adding that she and Lali are old friends.

Just friends

The photo has elicited massive reactions with tweeps vowing to invite Omar Lali for the 2021 Men’s Conference to share his tips.

Others congratulated Omar Lali claiming that he has a charm of attracting beautiful women.

Omar Lali and Tecra were in a relationship before the latter reportedly had a fatal accident that led to her death.

He was arrested over Tecra’s death but later released. An inquest has been set up to establish the circumstances that led to Tecra’s death.