Businesswoman cum media personality Nana Owiti and Singer Wahu Kagwi delved into details on child sexual abuse and how most children have been abused at the hands of close family.

Nana spoke in detail about her own struggles stating that she was touched inappropriately by a relative when she was 9 years old.

The switch TV presenter said she regrets not sharing the incident with her mother when it happened.

Wahu who was part of the discussion also admitted she was a victim of child sexual abuse by her cousin, a discussion she said was not easy for her to partake in.

Wahu's Story

“This usually a very difficult conversation for me because it's easier to heal from a physical wound, but an emotional wound. Sometimes we don’t have the tools to deal with my emotional wounds. So what happened used to happen is whenever I could remember it just takes me to a dark space," she said.

The mother of two narrated that her cousin was 19 and although she was young and didn't quite understand what was happening she knew that it was wrong. The singer later summoned the heart to tell her mother what happened.

"He was 19, I don’t want to go into details but he molested me and I knew it was a bad thing and I was 9. I was angry, felt violated and I was a kid. That moment stayed with me and it has stayed with me has something very painful… thankful when my mom came back I was crying… but I got the courage to share with my Mom and she told my Dad. Dad was very angry and he likes to talk things out but my brother who was like 16 said mimi sina time ya kuongea… he went beat his guy," she added.