Socialite and IG baddie Faith Makau alias Amber Ray is married to businessman Jamal. This came as a shock to many on social media after trolls went after her.

After her divorce from businessman and politician Zaheer Jhanda, Amber said her biggest regret was agreeing to be a second wife and added that she would never do that again.

But in life anything is possible. Over the Easter holiday, Jamal posted his first family with whom he was celebrating the holiday.

Fans got curious and started asking why he hadn't posted Amber and if he was going to make her his second wife since he is a Muslim and he can marry up to 4 wives.


During a Q&A on her Instagram account, the mother of one disclosed that she is officially married to the famous city businessman as his second wife.

"Am curious, are you Jamal's second wife?" posed one of her fans, to which she responded, saying, "YES." "Legally?" asked another, and she replied, "Yes."

She admitted that being a second wife isn't easy since society frown s upon polygamy and most men would rather not admit in public that they are in polygamous relationships.

"Being a second wife is not easy, my sister. We are many. It's just that most of us live in denial, and also most men don't have the courage to come clean about it, and people only find out on the day of their burial," she wrote.