Socialite and businesswoman Vera Sidika has called fans who have expressed displeasure in her decision to give birth through Caesarian Section (CS).

In a post on her Insta-story, the mother-to-be said people are angry you would think they are the ones who will be giving birth and not her.

She went on to say it’s her body, and it it’s her choice to have CS, regardless of the time it will take to heal after birth, adding that she is in no hurry.

People are so damn angry at my decision to want elective CS. You would think it’s them who’ll go through the delivery process on my behalf. My body my choices. If I prefer CS to V/Delivery. Why is it a problem to anyone???

It takes months/years to heal. Whay are you concerned about my healing. Who even told y’all I’m in a hurry to heal. I’m fully aware of everything. I’ve been aware for years now and I’ll still choose CS over and over. I would rather months of healing than hours/days of serious, unexplained labor pains. Why are you taking panadol for my headache,” wrote Sidika.

[Socialite Vera Sidika]

This comes a few days after she said she was not ready to feel any form of labor pain and would rather give birth through CS.

The added that she was even ready to part with a million shillings to give birth at the best hospital through CS.

They say CS is expensive but if you really want it. you’d prepare better even if you don’t have money. That’s 9 months of saving. For private hospitals case is super different. Could part with a whooping ksh.1 million for CS delivery & the whole VIP treatment. But hey! we don’t get pregnant everyday so why not,” she wrote.

Adding that, “Ever since I thought of having kids in my adult life, I said to myself i’ll do it only if I don’t have to experience labor. Lol so, I have forever been team CS. Elective CS (scheduled) I don’t want to feel an inch of labor pain. In fact, I even wanna slay; have my wig & make upon fleek during my delivery. I honestly can’t deal with pain. yeah, y’all keep saying c.s takes longer to heal.