Kenyan singer Diana Mayonde has explained her long absence from the Kenyan music scene.

Speaking in a video she shared on Instagram, the song bird said she fell out of love with music and still felt that despite being in the game for more than 10 years, she was still not making any progress in the career.

According to Mayonde, music was only taking everything from her without any meaningful return.

She added that she now realizes she lacked knowledge of the music business.

“I had been praying about my next move, taken a hiatus from music mid-2019 to figure out why music wasn’t fun anymore, why I didn’t love what I was doing and why I was even pursuing this dream. After 10 years in the industry I still felt like I had barely broken ground, I wasn’t thriving and making much money, had a few gigs and media tours but for the most part it felt like music was just this thing that was taking and I wasn’t getting anything back. Now I know I lacked knowledge,” said Mayonde.

[Singer Diana Mayonde]

She also explained that she joined the Perform Music incubator program after taking a break from music in 2019 because she was looking for something new to do.

Mayonde noted that joining the program was her leap of faith because she was dead inside and needed help.

“I called my perform music in kibita showcase the Resurrection of Mayonde because I had experienced the death of my spirit, the death of my confidence, the death of my dream to be a musician and I cried out to the heavens, I cried out to my higher power for help,” she said.

She said that she now sees and understands music as a business unlike it was the case before.