Kenyan singer Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee has said that lately, fame is getting very scary on parents.

In a statement see by Nairobi Leo, the mother of five narrated how her three daughters suffered through school just because she was famous.

According to Akothee, her daughter Fancy was accused by one of her teachers of being a member of the Illuminati.

She noted that the teacher went ahead and asked other pupils in the school to stay away from her and this always affected her results, with her performance dropping. This had her changing her schools each term.

For her other two daughters, Vesha and Rue Baby, Madam boss said one of their teachers would go to the extent of asking them if she (Akothee) was normal.

Another teacher, she said would frown at the site of the two sisters.

[Akothee with her daughters Vesha and Rue Baby]


My daughter @fancy_makadia was accused of being Iluminati and the teacher asked students to stay away from her ????. Her performance dropped drastically and she would cry a lot when schools opened. I had to change school for her ,my other two daughters & @veshashaillan Had a teacher who would always refer to me as some lost mother with no direction ???? He would even ask my kids if I am normal! The second female teacher would just frown by seing my kids ???? Well, I am that one parent who never missed my kids parents day! My children finished school till the university no pregnancy, no misbehavior, as her own child dropped out of school (so who is a sober parent here),” wrote Akothee.

Her reaction came after Nigerian actress Mercy Johnson revealed that a teacher has been bullying one of her daughters, just because the teacher doesn’t like the actress.