Tanzanian superstar Rajab Abdul Kahali popularly known as Harmonize has parted ways with his Australian lover Briana.

The singer confirmed on his Insta Stories that the two are no longer a pair.

"Back to the single life again. I can't believe I am single again. Big single boys do that all the time. My mind doesn't wasn't to take it. 3 Hennesy nothing to this very painful mind," a seemingly Harmonize wrote.

A scan through their Instagram pages shows that the two former lovebirds had unfollowed each other.

They have also pulled down all the photos they took together from their Instagram pages.

{Harmonize and ex-lover Briana. Image: Courtesy}

The break up comes barely a week after Briana revealed how the two met.

According to the Australian, the two met at a party in Sydney and it is Harmonize who hit on her in her Instagram inbox after the party and requested they talk on Whatsaap. 

He shared his number and as they say, the rest is history.

The two have been staying together in Tanzania since Harmonize finished his Europe tour.

The Kodengang CEO first came alone after the US tour but it is when he went to the Dubai festival that they linked up there and came together to Tanzania.

It is barely four months since the two made their relationship public.

The singer, a few months ago, unfollowed everybody and chose to follow her Australian lover alone as a show of commitment.

He, however, now follows over 280 people on her page

The Tanzanian singer love life has been a rollercoaster of sorts given that it has been punctuated with several breaks up within a short time.

Before meeting Briana, he parted ways with Tanzanian movie actress Frida Kajala after accusations emerged he was hitting on Kajala's daughter Paula Kajala.