Editor's Review

YouTube has revealed the most watched videos and channels in Kenya. 

YouTube on Friday, December 2, released a list of the most watched videos in Kenya revealing a sharp rise in consumption of locally generated content from Kenya’s general elections news, comedies, music, religious, and real life talk shows.

The lists show locally created content that celebrate different ways of life by Kenyans within homes, villages, and at workplaces registered the highest viewership. 

Thee Pluto Show by content creator Robert Ndegwa led in the Top Creators’ category followed by Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s New Life TV Kenya channel and real life experiences talk show channels, Lynn Ngugi and Mungai Eve respectively.

Other top creators were Nicholas Kioko, Churchill Television, Jackie Matubia, Comrade’s Flavour, TT Comedian and Nigeria’s comedy channel SamSpedy.

Here are the top ten of content creators; 

1. Thee Pluto Show

2. New Life TV KENYA

3. Lynn Ngugi

4. Mungai Eve

5. Nicholas Kioko

6. Churchill Television

7. Jackie Matubia

8. Comrades Flavour 

9. TT Comedian

10. SamSpedy