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Willis Raburu has left Royal Media Services (RMS) after 13 years. 

Citizen TV News anchor Willis Raburu has announced his exit from Royal Media Services (RMS) after a 13-year stint.

Speaking on Monday, June 26, Raburu revealed that he tendered his resignation at the beginning of June.

He thanked RMS for giving him the opportunity to work with them for the last 13 years starting as an intern before moving all the way up to being a news presenter.

"I have made the decision to leave the Royal Media Services and it's been a tough decision but they have been so gracious to me from the time I tendered in my resignation in the beginning of June up to now, it has been an amazing transition and they have shown me so much grace testament to them and testament to the 13 years that I have been with them,” said Raburu.

File image of Willis Raburu.

The celebrated media personality went on to say that he will be taking a break from the media to focus on completing his masters in Strategic Communication and Communication Development at the United States International University Africa (USIU) and promoting his book.

"You want to ask me what next? Well, I want to rest for now, I want to take a breather, step back, look at everything, share the knowledge I have on the book, and also continue with my Masters that I am currently doing at USIU where I hope to graduate.

"It is on Strategic Communication and also Communication Development. So for now, that remains my focus,” he added.