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The CS also intimated that he owned shoes worth Sh80,000 and a necktie that cost Sh20,000.

Transport Cabinet Secretary Kpchumba Murkomen has disclosed that he owns a wristwatch worth Sh900,000 and a belt worth Sh50,000.

Speaking on Monday evening, July 8, during an interview on Obinna Show Live, the CS further intimated that he owned shoes worth Sh80,000 and a necktie that cost Sh20,000.

"The most expensive shoes I have is around Sh80,000. The belt is probably Sh50,000. I don't need to wear two belts in two years. One belt is enough. The most expensive watch I have is around Sh900,000," Murkomen stated.

The CS dismissed social media reports that he was wearing expensive watches but maintained that even though they were expensive, it was not the figures making rounds on social media.

He went on to claim that some people had called him to ask why he was wearing expensive fashion accessories.

However, the CS maintained that in the two years he has served in office, he kept his vow of not engaging himself in corrupt dealings.

CS Kipchumba Murkomen.

"Many people have called me feeling sad for me, and I have told them one thing. There is a silver lining in this discussion. It is two years down the line and nobody has accused me of corruption," Murkomen remarked.

He further refuted reports that he was arrested in Dubai with millions of U.S. dollars, maintaining that on that day he was in Nairobi.

"The highest amount of money I've carried in my travels since I was born is about USD10,000, and to countries where you know may be your card will not work," Murkomen remarked.

His remarks came after he proposed that Parliament urgently introduce and pass a lifestyle audit bill to provide parameters for auditing state and public officers and to investigate their living standards to ascertain consistency with their lawful income.