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According to Eric, one of such advisers will be Jacque Maribe, who together they are blessed with a son.

Top Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has announced that Season 2 of his reality show dubbed ‘Wife Material’ will make a comeback soon.

Speaking to a local publication, Eric Omondi noted that Season 2 of the show will be different from season 1 as it will feature his ex-girlfriends who’ll come in as advisers.

According to Eric, one of such advisors will be Jacque Maribe, who together they are blessed with a son.

“The show has different parts, like now Jacque is coming in as an adviser… What I mean is that she will be the one talking to the girls, explaining to them what Eric likes and what he does not like. She will be giving them tips on how to win my heart,” he said.

Maribe is yet to respond to Eric Omondi’s statement on the show.

According to Eric, the show will also feature respected celebrity couples who have been married for long and have a deep understanding of marriage. He noted that such couples will advise the girls in the show.

“There will be respected couples in the show. With that, I mean people like Wahu and Nameless. There will be a pastor,” he said.

Eric is yet to announce the start date for the new season.

Meanwhile, Wife Material Season One elicited mixed reactions in the country with a section of netizens condemning Eric over what they termed as ‘unethical content’.

Eric, however, noted that the show was scripted and purely meant for entertainment purposes.

‘Wife Material’ Season One was won by Carol of the Band BeCa music group.