Editor's Review

  • Otile Brown blasts Nadia Mukami after fans troll their song 'Kolo'.

Kenyan singer Otile Brown has defended himself after fans called his new song with Nadia Mukami trash.

Fans left bad reviews over the song dubbed Kolo which they opined didn't live up to the standards of the two singers.

Otile defended his role in the jam noting that he was featured on the song after producer Vicky Pon Dis made the request.

He further revealed that he did not write his verse in the song claiming that Nadia refused to allow him to pen down his part.

"Huo wimbo sio wangu jamani... alikataa niandike akasema 'I want a hit song not a good song' weeh nikaeka verse yangu nikaondoka," Otile said.

"Nilifanya kwa heshima ya Vick pon dis tu! Wimbo ambao nina husika utaujua tu! Y'all be trolling me ever since it came out," he added.

The singer asked fans to let this one go explaining that the criticism and trolling was messing his peace of mind.

"Please understand and let it slide... it's messing up my peace... nilijifunza... kama siupend sikai... respectfully and with love. Nothing personal," the Duduma hitmaker said.

He shared a screengrab of fans commenting on the song which has over 3 million views on YouTube.