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Wiper Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka has set the record straight on why featured on Samidoh's latest song 'Muthoniwa'. According to Kalonzo, he is a huge fan of Samidoh.

Renowned Mugithi musician Samidoh recently released a song dubbed ‘Muthoniwa’ featuring Wiper Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka.

In the song, Samidoh praises a Kamba lady for accepting to marry him.

Kalonzo played the role of the bride’s father where he receives Samidoh and hands her daughter to him.

The move to feature Kalonzo on the video caught many by surprise, with netizens wondering whether the song was a political project sponsored by the Wiper leader.

Speaking during an interview with Radio Jambo on Wednesday, Kalonzo noted that he featured on the song as a way of supporting Samidoh.

Kalonzo Musyoka during an interview on Radio Jambo. [Photo: Courtesy]

According to Kalonzo, he believes in empowering local artists and that was his way of showing that he supports the arts and entertainment industry.

He further noted that he wanted to show the relationship that exists between the Kamba and Agikuyu community, especially at this time when key political figures are jostling for support from the Mount Kenya region.

“Wasanii wetu wanafaa kuungwa mkono nami nimejitolea. Kuwa kwa wimbo wa Samidoh, yeye ni msanii shupavu na nilitaka kuonyesha watu uhusiano uliopo kati ya jamii hizi. Ninasikia kwamba kuna watu wanataka kuukwea mlima, mimi niko tayari kuukwea,” he said.

Prior to featuring on the video, Kalonzo had also worked with a section of Kenyan comedians that include; Crazy Kennar, Terence Creative among others.

Many believe that Kalonzo is using renowned comedians and artists as a way of appealing to the youth who form a large chunk of voters in the country.