Editor's Review

  • Edgar Obare claims he was kidnapped and drugged by police
  • They took pictures of him naked

Blogger Edgar Obare on Tuesday morning shared his experience at the hands of police after he was reported missing. 

According to Edgar, officers arrested him from the law courts before they put a hooded mask over his head and drove to Thika road.

The blogger claims the officers threatened to sodomize him and kill him if he ever exposes their marriages.

"They all verbally threatened me one saying that if I ever exposed him for cheating he would kill me, another guy said that he would f*&k me in the a#*," Edgar wrote.


"They kept asking me more silly questions about DJ Mo, Size 8, Jalang'o and Joho about why I insulted them and that I should find a better job," he continued.

Obare says he asked for water to drink and one police officer gave him and that is when he believes he was drugged.

"After a while, they changed their mind and offered me some water. He had to feed it to me as I was still blindfolded and hands tied behind my back," the blogger said.

"The water tasted funny and I believe this is when I was drugged. Shortly after things got weird, they decided to strip me naked in the car by cutting off all my clothes to my boxers" he appended.

According to Edgar, the officers had him completely naked in the vehicle and one of them took pictures of him naked.

He said they threw him out of the car in a thicket of bushes and he had to find his way to the tarmac while naked dressed in a paper bag to cover his private parts.

A stranger rescued him and took him to his house where he offered him food and later they found a taxi that took him home.