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Betty Kyallo mentions that she doesn't like to cook.

Betty Kyallo Reality Series, Kyallo Kulture premiered on Showmax on Friday, June 17. 

In the first episode, while conversing with her younger sister Gloria Kyallo, Betty mentions that she doesn't like to cook.

Kyallo adds that she doubts her marriage would work because you're expected to show your chef skills. 

"I think it's been years since I cooked anything, if there is something I do not like is cooking. That's why I'm not sure if my marriage will work. I don't like to cook," she tells her sister. 

Gloria proceeds to ask whether she will get married again. 

“You’re not getting married again, are you?” She asks. 

“I think I just want to do it to prove the haters wrong,” Betty responds. 

Gloria presses on to ask what if the marriage fails again, in a rejoinder, Betty says, "I just have a track record." 

{Betty Kyallo Reality Series Premier son Showmax}

Betty, whose much-publicised marriage to fellow news anchor Dennis Okari ended after only six months, has attracted controversy about her dating life, while Mercy’s has been described as a mysterious mess.

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Kyallo Kulture will also explore tragic events like Betty’s accident that left her with a crooked smile and scars that impacted her confidence for years, as well as parenthood where Betty opens up, for the very first time, what it means to be in the limelight while nursing a child in the ICU and so much more.

Betty also shares her story behind her boutique salon, Flair by Betty, while also shedding more light on why her talk-of-the-town partnership with a friend ended with them as competitors in the same field.

“We’ve always wanted to have our own show out there because we feel like we have something to give,” Betty said during an interview. And although she’s the most popular of the sisters, Betty said that Kyallo Kulture isn’t just about her but a chance for all the three Kyallo sisters to shine and share their experiences.

 “We’re going to be very candid about who we are, and about our life struggles and happiness,” Mercy added, revealing that fans are going to see a very different side to Betty.

“Until now, you’ve seen her glamorous side, and the beautiful Betty on screen as a news anchor. Now, you’re about to see her funny side,” Mercy said. “I was scared to do a reality show because with a show like this, you have to be vulnerable but she brings so much humour to the show that I feel very comfortable putting myself out there.”