Billionaire Chris Kirubi is a man known to many for his philanthropic work in the empowerment of young innovative minds in the country.

The industrialist is among the richest people in the country, and this goes without saying that he lives his life a full.

Kirubi is known to splash his bucks on expensive but fine things ranging from cars, houses, to jewelry and clothes.

Mogul Chris Kirubi enjoys a game of chess. |Photo| Courtesy|

Among the many properties he owns, today focuses on the philanthropist's house in Vipingo Ridge in Kilifi County.

Located in the vast Vipingo Ridge, 2,500 acres of beautiful landscaped gardens, and an 18-hole golf course, Kirubi's lavish house is a true reflection of what money can buy.

The house was completed in 2016. Kirubi had visited a friend of his, Erwin OverKamp director at Living Life Design Ltd, who is the designer and initial owner of the villa.

Within 10 minutes of visiting the property, he fell in love with it and decided to buy it. Erwin had only lived there for four months.

Kirubi then proceeded to make some adjustments to the villa, extending the pool from one to two levels. The entire house also runs on solar energy.

In an exclusive with Capital FM Lifestyle, CK as he is often referred to, revealed that he considers the home a retreat from his everyday life.

The serene environment in the area, the green surroundings, and an infinity pool at the house makes the house a perfect getaway.

The 'ultra-modern Scandinavian functional family home' is 750 square meters and enjoys an array of sunlight from all sides.

It has five bedrooms, each fitted with a terrace and a balcony. The master bedroom has a well-seasoned mvuli staircase and a state-of-the-art design.

The white walls, wooden floor, modern furniture make the house ooze elegance.

Erwin adopted a nordic style for the living and dining rooms. This allows light into the house from all angles, as well as a scenic view of the environment and the infinity pool.

CK's house is a true dream home.

More photos from the house courtesy of Capital Lifestyle: