The Wanjigi name is a household when talking about the wealthy in Kenya, however, little is known of how kingly billionaire Jimmy Wanjigi lives.

Prior to the 2017 general elections, a police raid at the billionaire's Muthaiga house gave Kenyans a slight look into his exclusive home. 

In February 2020, entrepreneur Oscar Kinoti shared a manuscript that detailed how the $10 million (approximately Ksh1 billion) home was constructed to perfection.

File image of billionaire Jimmy Wanjigi. |Photo| Courtesy|

The mansion was designed by Perla Lichi (a luxury interior design for both residential and commercials) based in the United States (US).

The architect-designed the house in line with the principles of Chinese Feng Shui which were applied in the construction of the house, in and out.

Two outdoor Chinese teahouses add class to the oozing environment. This is reportedly where the lady of the house retreats to enjoy her quiet time.

There is a Chinese pavilion in the compound. This is where the billionaire entertains friends and colleagues. A hibachi table in the conference room is sheer proof of the class that went into designing the home.

Wanjigi also has two hibachi chefs who treat his guests.

Bedrooms within the palatial home are designed differently and with unique colours to match each person's interests.

The lady of the house has her own boutique with custom in-built storage where she keeps her accessories and collectibles.

Complete traditional Feng Shui was taken into consideration in the design of the home. The style and furnishing was carefully planned taking into consideration all preferences by members of the Wanjigi family.

The grand staircase features a hand-carved, solid mahogany railing. It is crowned by a stained-glass pyramid ceiling dome.

The house has a two-level library furnished with state-of-the-art equipment.

A formal lounge for VIP guests in the house and a 24 seat dining room add to the exclusiveness of the home.

The massive house presents an imposing front with at least two chandeliers hanging in the foyer, alongside family photos.

Wanjigi loves gold and shades of brown as seen from the set of furniture and the walls in the luxurious home.

Tinted windows minimize the visibility of the house's interior.

There is a safe within the house, where Wanjigi allegedly hid when the police raided his home. Its location is, however, unknown.

Also within the compound is a basketball court and a Thai-themed lounge where Wanjigi is reported to retreat and relax.