Former Budalangi MP and Foreign Affairs CAS Ababu Namwamba hasn't been shy in displaying his private life in public.

While Ababu has previously shared photos of himself and his family on social media, he has also shared photos of his lush resort in Budalangi in Busia.

Named Che's Bay, the resort sits comfortably on the shores of Lake Victoria opening up to the expansive sight of the water body.

Che's Bay is tucked between the hills of Singwe and Mwita on the Kenya-Uganda boarder.

A sneak peak on the resort's Facebook page reveals foreign and local visitors kayaking in the open lake, others lounging and having a good time, visitors jet skiing, others boat sailing, some playing lakeside volleyball and kids swimming and having a good time on the bouncing castle.

Christened the jewel Lake of Lake Victoria, it's on this resort that Abubu hosts the annual Isambo International Beach Carnival. 

When the CAS is not running his resort, he retires to his colossal mansion that also sits on the shores Lake Victoria. 

In a past interview, Ababu revealed that his mansion was built with a classical French theme in mind.

The house boasts of family boardroom, master bedroom suite with a walk in closet.

To unwind and take time off the hustle and bustle of work, Ababu sails his boat ride in the lake or feeds the fish and gees he rares at his backyard. 

"If you measure wealth by those material factors or yardsticks (mansion and high end vehicles) then yes, you could say I have sufficient to live on and to give my family and myself a comfortable living. If that is being wealthy then I thank God, that is a blessing," Ababu told journalists during a past interview.

 Here are the photos of Ches Bay Resort