In our segment of #HustleMtaani, features Erica Muthoni. Muthoni is the founder of EM Africa Academy that focuses on mentoring and training aspiring teen and adult models.

She sat down with this journalist to look at the growth of EM Africa Academy in the last five years and what the future holds.

1. Describe your business EM Africa Academy

EM Africa Academy is a Model and Talent academy that focuses on mentoring and training aspiring kid, teen, and adult models. We are the first school that focuses on a full modeling curriculum that gives the students all the skills they need to make it in the Fashion industry and to boost their confidence.

2. How did you start EM  Africa Academy?

EM Africa Academy started as a modeling agency that was called Finest 254 models before we rebranded into a Model Academy. We rebranded because we saw the models needed more empowerment and skills in order for them to succeed. Teaching someone the skills they need to survive in an industry is more crucial than finding them small jobs. This explains why we rebranded from an Agency and established ourselves as a Model Academy. 

File Image of EM Africa Models

3. How has the Journey Been so far?

I started in Nairobi where we opened a branch and later expanded to Mombasa, Embu and we are soon opening a Diani branch. Our curriculum has become bigger and we focus on Modeling and Talents. On top of Modeling classes which include Catwalk classes and Commercial modeling; We have Public speaking and Presentation, Talent development, Makeup practice, and Personal development classes.

4. What would you say is the impact EM Africa in Kenya?

Our greatest impact is in the lives of our students. I have a great team of mentors who are passionate about changing the lives of our students. The growth and confidence of our kids and adults trainees grow to an extend of their schools noticing a difference. Most of our students have built successful modeling brands and have joined the fashion industry.

Aspiring kid models at EM Africa training

5. What challenges have you encountered?
We are a team of God-fearing individuals and the challenge sometimes is maintaining decency in the industry. Sometimes the models are challenged to go against their morals for them to succeed. I highly discouraged them from doing that.
The industry is also growing at a slow pace and most people do not see modeling as an important course in their children’s lives.
6.What lessons have you learnt?

Consistency and Confidence are key, put God first in everything you do and find your purpose.

7. What does the future hold for EM Africa?

My plan is to impact as many lives as possible and reach students from as many counties as we can. We always have inquiries from interested students who are not in the Counties that we have a branch in.

File Image of EM Africa models
8. How can people reach you?
EM Africa has intakes every month across the different branches for aspiring models.  You can check and apply via our website, our Facebook Page EM Africa, Instagram or call/text via WhatsApp on this number 0702589383.

9. Any message to aspiring entrepreneurs? 
It takes time to grow, be patient with yourself but be consistent by all means and put God first.