Kenya is home to some of the most prestigious resorts and safari camp hotels in Africa and also in the world. A number of them have received international acclaim for the spectacular sceneries and beyond earthly services.

Some of these luxury hotels are owned in chains and are spread across the country, and while some may be locally owned, others are owned by foreign investors who fell in love with Kenya at first sight.

On this feature, takes you through a trip of the luxurious Severin Safari Camp and Severin Sea Lodge, owned by German tycoon Severin Schulte and his family.

Severin Schulte and son Sebastian Severin Schulte

The sea lodge is located on the Bamburi beach while the camp is located in the middle of the Tsavo West National Park.

Severin Sea Lodge

Located along the Indian Ocean, the resort takes up a traditional African architectural design.

According to their website, the round bungalows, the main building and the two swimming pools are arranged nestling amidst a beautiful palm garden.

The 180 rooms and suites in the establishment boast hand-made wooden furniture, all of exquisite stylish African design.

It also has a spa with well-trained masseurs who help patrons of the hotel relax from tensions of their escapades.

Revellers of the resort are treated to tours of the historic and pre-historic sites within Mombasa County. They are also treated to sea rides on dhows.

The Sea Lodge border is close to Haller Park where visitors can visit to watch wildlife.

Severin Safari Camp

Located in the middle of the Tsavo West National Park, the camp offers its patrons front-row seats to the serene beauty of Kenya's wildlife.

The camp boasts 8 catering bandas and 27 luxury tents. All the bandas have wooded furniture crafted in various traditional designs.

Each of the tents boasts a wonderful view of the surrounding bushes. Patrons are treated to 24/7 security by Maasai Moran guards. They escort visitors to and from wherever they may please.

The camp also has a spa with well-trained masseurs, a swimming pool among other amenities.

Visitors can enjoy the serene view around the park, and that of Mount Kilimanjaro from a distance.

Patrons are also treated to game drives where they will get to see the wild animals including the big five.

While spending time at the camp, one will also get to interact with the Maasai community there, offering an amazing platform for cultural exchange.


According to the Severin Africa Travel website, Rudolf Schulte senior, a nature lover and passionate hunter, travelled to Kenya with his family for the first time in 1968. He fell in love with the wonderful landscapes, the friendly people and the summerly temperatures and decided to establish a second home here.

In 1970, Schulte Sr. bought a 15,000 sqm beach plot with two-holiday houses north of Mombasa, called "Bamburi Inn" and christened it "Severin Sea Lodge".

Severin Sea Lodge officially opened its doors with a big celebration on December 15, 1972. Initially, it had 30 rooms in ten traditional round bungalows, a restaurant and a large swimming pool.

In 1978, he acquired a neighbouring property and expanded the lodge to an economically reasonable hotel size of 180 rooms.

The family continued gradual expansions of the property, to the present day state-of-the-art resort it is.

The Severin Safari Camp at Tsavo West National Park was opened in 2001. This is after the family pounced on an opportunity advertised by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).

The Kitani Bandas at the park had been advertised for a new lease and attracted by the rich wildlife in the area, Severin moved in with a team of experts and in just 100 days, they built the camp next to the newly renovated Kitani Bandas.