Law Society of Kenya President Nelson Havi is a man known to many for his legal mind, and staunch advocacy for the preservation and adherence to the Constitution of Kenya.

Havi has often come out in the public to highlight vices in the country, without bias for unlawful acts by leaders in the country. And, on multiple occasions, he has been named among the most influential Kenyans.

Just like most of the most renowned legal minds in the country, Havi makes the big bucks as is evidenced by his home.

He can be spotted immaculately dressed and known to indulge in the luxurious side of life. 

In 2019, Havi took to Twitter to share throwback images for when he was growing up, revealing that he was raised in a grass-thatched house.

According to the LSK president, that was the best house he has ever lived in.

However, as he built a name for himself and established 'Havi' as a household in the legal streets of Kenya, the lawyer built himself an elegant mansion in Likuyani, Kakamega County.

His fast-rising legal career has afforded him a life far different from the thatched home he grew up in and is now one of the elders of his community.

The magnificent two-storey mansion sits quietly surrounded by a canopy of trees presents an image of a balanced and well-proportioned symmetrical appearance from the front view.

The house is an embodiment of village ambience and serenity that gives one a sight to behold.

Havi shared images of the house in September 2020, attracting praise for its stylish design from fellow legal minds including Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi.

The LSK president is has a niche for finer things.

His office can be easily confused as a modern museum for former UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Havi’s law sanctuary boasts classic relics, notable among them a retro wired phone with a rotary dial, the Statue of Liberty, and a war trumpet from the 1800s.

In an interview with a local daily in 2020, the LSK Westlands Constituency parliamentary aspirant revealed that he charges at least Ksh2 million in legal fees. 

He explained that despite the high fees they often charge, lawyers also have to do pro bono cases because they have a duty to society.

According to Havi, successful lawyers do 40 percent of their work for free, and in some cases, he only asks the clients to pay the court filing fees.

“If I charge you anything less than Ksh2 million, consider it a discount,” he stated.

Havi is said to own a Ksh600,000 Montblanc watch, depicting the life of a man of his stature.