Rejection is one of the most difficult things to deal with in life. Most people are always held back by the fear of being rejected or a past experience where things did not work in their favour. 

While most rejection stories are always painful, Kenyan educationalist and renowned businessman Simon Gicharu managed to turn his story around and gave it a beautiful ending.

While job hunting, Gicharu visited the Kenya School of Professional Studies along Parklands area severally but was turned away, with the employer always telling him “don’t call us we will call you”.

In a tweet under his #WednesdayMovitation segment, Gicharu who is the founder and owner of Mt Kenya University noted that years after he was rejected, he went back and bought the entire building which now houses M Kenya University School of Law, Parklands.

“Ever been told by a potential employer “don’t call u, we will call you?” I have, severally. At the School of Professional Studies, where I sought a teaching position, I walked away crestfallen. Several years later, went back and bought their building,” he tweeted.

Collage photo of Mount Kenya University School of Law, Parklands and Kenya School of Professional Studies which was previously housed on the building. [Photo: Courtesy]

Gicharu is currently one of the richest persons in Kenya, with investments in the education sector in and outside Kenya.

Apart from his business activities, he has also served as chairperson of different boards that include; Rural Energy Corporation, Rural Electrification Board, National private Universities Owners, and Thika Water Sewerage company among others.

Though he is very wealthy, Gicharu was brought up in a very humble background and spent time picking coffee with his parents at their farm in a bid to earn a living.