Editor's Review

The journey to setting up Daring Abroad  was not easy as Chamwada faced rejection from one of his former bosses who did not think the idea was great.

Veteran journalist Alex Chamwada's Daring Abroad is arguably one of the best TV shows in the country at the moment. 

The show's unique concept where it highlights stories of Kenyans doing great things in the diaspora has endeared it to many. 

However, the journey to setting up the show was not easy as Chamwada faced rejection from one of his former bosses who did not think the idea was great.

In a Facebook post, Chamwada noted that one of his bosses dismissed the idea, suggesting that no one cared about what was happening in the diaspora.

Back then, he mostly covered politics and local interest stories but would be sent abroad once in a while to cover elections in countries such as the United States.

Whenever he traveled abroad for such assignments, he would squeeze in one or two diaspora stories and push for them to be covered when he jetted back. 

He also used the foreign assignments as an opportunity to build networks across different countries in Europe, America, and parts of the globe.

File image of Alex Chamwada. [Photo: Courtesy]

In 2014, he decided to quit employment and chart a different path. Back then he was working at Royal Media Services' Citizen TV.

He then decided to revisit the diaspora stories idea and it is at this point that he came up with Daring Abroad which first aired on KTN in April 2015.

"On a positive note! Listen! A negative can give birth to a positive. A boss may give you a negative response to your proposal. But if you really believe in it, don't despair. Work hard to prove them wrong. A boss in a newsroom told me 'who cares' when I suggested to produce stories za Majuu (abroad)," he narrated.

When the first episode aired, the show received positive reviews since it was a pioneer program in the country. It enlightens Kenyans about the diaspora and the different opportunities available. 

Daring Abroad grew and in a span of three months, Chamwada launched another Show dubbed The Chamwada Report that focused on human interest stories in the country.

He believes that thanks to his show, the diaspora has been appreciated more in the country, including creating a state department in charge of diaspora affairs.

"Look at where I'm now! Diaspora is now a hit. Everyone wants a pie of the Diaspora. GOK has created a diaspora department and we are glad the department is working closely with #DaringAbroad CHAMS MEDIA. I say thank you to the editor who trashed my idea! The editor made me work harder and made my dream come true. Believe in yourself...! Just begin! And you can turn your vision into business," he added.

The show aired on KTN TV for a couple of years before Chamwada decided to part ways with the broadcaster and sign a contract with NTV which started airing Daring Abroad in 2020.

To date, he has covered hundreds of stories on Kenyans daring abroad and inspired many that if Kenya is not working for you, then you can explore opportunities in other countries.