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At State House, it was discovered that he was a civilian, when he drove his car past that of Uhuru Kenyatta. .

In Kenya, the president is considered the most guarded person owing to his/her position as the leader of the country. 

The president enjoys around-the-clock security from officers drawn from GSU's elite recce squad and other arms of the police service.  

The president's security detail is meticulously organised to ensure all possible threats are detected before they cause any harm to the Head of State. 

However, during former President Uhuru Kenyatta's tenure, there were three security lapses that made headlines:

Man Stops Uhuru's Convoy in Lucky Summer

In May 2021, while the former president was touring Nairobi's Lucky Summer area, a man jumped on the road and stopped his official car.  

The move forced the retired president's car to stop after which his security swang into action and arrested the man.

No charges were preferred against the man as it emerged that he was just excited to see the president.

The incident was a security breach since officers were expected to be along the road to control the crowd and monitor anyone that may pose a potential threat, but they missed the man until he got in front of Uhuru's official car.

A man stopping former President Uhuru Kenyatta's motorcade in Lucky Summer, Nairobi. [Photo: Courtesy]

Man Interrupts Uhuru's Lamu Speech

A day before the lucky Summer breach (20 May 2021), the former president had experienced a security lapse in Lamu County where he was commissioning phase one of the Lamu Port. 

While making his address, a man appeared from the crowd and headed straight towards the president. The man caused a commotion after it appeared that he was heading towards the president.

The commotion appeared to scare the president who was forced to temporarily pause his speech for the man to be dealt with. After the incident, Uhuru apologised and proceeded with his speech.

Later, it was discovered that the man was protesting over the lack of employment opportunities at the port.

Man Joins Uhuru's Convoy

In April 2021, a businessman who was among the guests attending the funeral of the late Kiambaa MP Paul Koinange, which was graced by the former president, breached Uhuru's security and joined the presidential convoy.  

The man reportedly drove inside the presidential convoy to State House without being detected.

At State House, it was discovered that he was a civilian, when he drove his car past that of the president, yet no car should move whenever the president is disembarking or boarding his car.

It was at this point that Uhuru's security moved in and took charge of the situation. The incident raised questions as to how the businessman managed to breach and drive as part of the president's convoy.