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The procedure of registering a company in Kenya via eCitizen  

The process of company registration in Kenya has been fully digitized on the eCitizen platform. 

The portal contains an eBusiness tab which is where the process begins. 

Payments can also be done online via M-Pesa, card, PayPal, and other supported payment methods. 

Each of the steps in making the application should not take more than three days though some challenges in filling in the forms may cause such delays. 

Here is a simple guide to registering a company in Kenya:  

1. If you haven’t already, the first step is to create your account with eCitizen and log in.

2. Once logged in, select the eBusiness option, go to “Register Business Name” and proceed to the “Make Application” tab.

3. In case your business name is already registered then you will not have to go through this step.

4. The document submitted to register a Business Name is called the BN2 Form and this process will cost a total of Sh950 and should take 2 days for eCitizen to respond to your application in a text notification.

5. Decide on what type of company you intend to register, the options provided are:- Limited Liability Partnership, Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company, Unlimited Companies, and Company Limited by guarantee.

6. While still on the eBusiness platform, follow the prompts on “Register a Company” tab.

The table below breaks down the charges and requirements of registering various companies in Kenya.

Type of CompanyFeesDocument LodgedDocument IssuedTime
Limited Liability Partnership

New Registration LLP 1
Certificate of Incorporation1 day
Private Limited CompanyKSh.10,650CR 1, CR 2, Cr 8, Statement of Nominal CapitalCertificate of Incorporation
3-5 days
Public Limited CompanyKSh.10,650CR 1, CR 2, CR8, CR 10, CR 12, and Statement of Nominal CapitalCertificate of Incorporation3-5 days

Unlimited Companies
KSh.20,050Cr 1, CR 4, Cr 8 Statement of Nominal Capital
Certificate of Incorporation

3-5 days

Company Limited by guarantee

1-25 members Ksh. 3000

26-100 members Ksh. 7500

Over 100 members Ksh. 15000 + additional Kshs 2000 for each additional 50 members

License to dispense with the word limited Kshs 3000
CR1, CR 3, and CR 8Certificate of Incorporation3 days upon receipt of vetting report from NIS