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Shatta started by selling handbags and offering barber services before he ventured into touting at the country bus station. 

Stephen Jacob Maunda alias Shatta Bway is a renowned media personality who previously worked for Royal Media Services, but resigned in March 2024 and joined Cape Media, the company that owns TV 47 and Radio 47

At Cape Media, Shatta is charged with the duty of being a radio and TV host and the Director of Projects and Strategy for Maybet.

But, how has his journey been? In this article, we outline his early life, education, and his breakthrough in the media industry.

Early Life and Education

He is the son of Jacob William Maunda, who is a veteran radio presenter, who worked for Voice of Kenya and Musyi FM. Shatta Bway is the 8th born in a family of 9.

He attended his primary education in Nairobi but had to change schools after his family relocated to Kibwezi. He completed his secondary education at Darajani High School.

Growing up in a polygamous family came with its fair share of challenges including limited resources, which meant that they had to fend for their own at an early age.

File image of Shatta Bway. [Photo: Courtesy]

Life after High School

Unable to join college due to lack of fees, Shatta decided to venture into menial jobs to earn revenue which he used to sustain himself.

Shatta started by selling handbags and offering barber services before he ventured into touting at the country bus station.

He used the cash he got from touting to enroll for a journalism course, while taking the course, he got voice-over gigs and an opportunity to feature in plays at the theatre.

While doing voice-over and plays, his friends pushed him do to a radio demo which he shared with Radio Citizen, hoping to get immediate feedback, but that was not the case.

Joining Radio Citizen

Seeing that no feedback was coming from Radio Citizen, Shatta decided to explore other options, but nothing was forthcoming.

Three years after sending the demo, he received a call from Radio Citizen where he was offered a job to host Waks Tiki Taka show.

He worked for Royal Media Services for over 5 years and transitioned to other roles that included featuring on Citizen TV shows such as 10 Over 10 and a panelist on the morning talk show.

Joining Cape Media

In March 2024, Shatta announced his exit from Radio Citizen and joined Cape Media, which owns Radio 47 and TV 47. At Cape Media, Shatta will team up with his former colleague Willis Raburu, who heads the digital docket.