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Life comes with its fair share of challenges that can affect anyone, regardless of their status in society. 

Life comes with its fair share of challenges that can occur to anyone, regardless of status in society. Some of these challenges can be losing a job, getting unwell, and facing financial difficulties.   

Many a time, we tend to believe that celebrities do not face these challenges, but that is not the case, as some of them have gone through difficult times, prompting Kenyans to come together and fundraise for them. 

In this article, we outline Kenyan celebrities who made comebacks after receiving contributions from Kenyans.


Renowned Kenyan actor Joseph Kinuthia, alias, appealed for help in 2021 after a tough financial stretch that saw him struggle with rent and other family needs.

According to Omosh, being jobless after the end of the Tahidi High series, coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, pushed him to rock bottom.

"After I left Tahidi High, I have been surviving through friends and neighbors. I have nothing to do. Have you ever been in that situation where you are walking while crying? That is what I go through. Most of the time, I leave the house well dressed but going nowhere, he narrated.

File image of Omosh. [Photo: Courtesy]

Following his appeal, Kenyans came together and raised thousands of shillings, which was used to offset his rent arrears and other debts and get him back on his feet.

He was also gifted a house in Malaa, Machakos County, by a local real estate company.

Following the contribution, Omosh made a comeback and was featured on several skits, albeit for a short period, before he again disappeared from the entertainment scene.

In one of his skits, Omosh worked with comedian DJ Shiti, who hilariously revisited Omosh's financial challenges.

Alvan Gatitu

Alvan, a talented singer and sensation famously known for being a former Tusker Project Fame contestant, appealed for help in July 2020, noting that he had been locked out of his home due to rent arrears.

"My landlady and landlord waliamua wako na shida zao na mimi nikaenda zangu so mimi nililala nje. Please note that as this was happening, nilikuwa nimekatiwa maji na stima for one and a half weeks. I was just trying to make ends meet. I don't know how COVID-19 has affected you, but this is my story, and I'm not ashamed of it," he said in part.

He claimed that his friends abandoned him and appealed for help from his fans and Kenyans of goodwill. His appeal was received positively, with Kenyans reportedly contributing over Kshs 2.1 million.

"Yesterday (Monday) we were at Sh1.4 million. Today (Tuesday), Kenyans have made it to Sh2.1 million! It's unfathomable how this happened, but as a believer, I know God was in it. Alvan just needed to raise his voice. Thank you Kenyans for saying it's OK for a man to say he's pressed. You know, making it possible for other men to speak out when need be," Ndungu Nyoro, the fundraising mobilizer, said.

Following the contribution, Alvan picked himself up and made a comeback online, where he's been thrilling Kenyans with his ideas on TikTok.

Akuku Danger

The comedian gained fame after giving several amazing performances at the Churchill Show, one of the country's leading comedy shows. 

However, as his star was shining bright, he was hospitalized after one of his lungs collapsed.

The situation dictated that he was in and out of hospital, which was quite draining financially, especially since his condition required that he spend most of the time in intensive care.

File image of comedian Akuku Danger. [Photo: Courtesy]

"The hospital has refused to accept collateral so that he can organize his finances from outside despite having their collateral from the January bill, which has a higher value than the total bill. Anyone willing to help in any way, please reach us," Akuku's friend Sandra Dacha wrote on social media.

After recovery, Akuku came back stronger and has been involved in several projects, including sensitization campaigns on sickle cell.

"I am posting this not for sympathy or anything but for all the sickle cell warriors out there who are looking for inspiration. Yes! You are all stronger than you think. We are back now!! We are all good and out of the hospital. Tuendelee na kazi," he declared.