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  • Nairobi's night life is second to none, thanks to amazing clubs which are always frequented by top artists and DJs who perform and play some of best hits from across Kenya and World.

Nairobi City is known for many great things, but one that stands out the most especially among young people is its amazing nightlife.

The city’s nightlife is second to none, thanks to amazing clubs which are always frequented by top artists and DJs who perform and play some of best hits from across Kenya and the World.

In this article, we outline 5 popular night clubs owned by renowned Kenyan celebrities.

The Manhattan 

The club located at The Imaara Mall along Mombasa Road is owned by renowned Saudi Sol vocalist Bien Aime Baraza.

The club was unveiled in August 2022, with Bien stating that his aim was to create a nice space for him and other Kenyans to have fun, while at the same creating employment for the youth.

“I was trying to get an environment where I can have fun…I realized I don’t go out more often, I get paid whenever I go out and it made my relationships with clubs more transactional and that is when I made a vow to build my own spot where I can feel good and have people have fun with me,” Bien was quoted by Nairobi News.

The establishment also features a bar and a grill. According to Bien, the name was inspired by an experience he had in Manhattan, New York.

Speaking to YouTuber Eve Mungai, Bien noted that the club was a collaborative project between him and his campus friends.

The Manhattan club. [Photo: Courtesy]

Maxy’s Lounge

Celebrated Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi unveiled the club in September 2022 after acquiring it from its previous owners.

According to Eric, the club located along Isiolo Road consumed over 40 million in renovations.

While announcing his new acquisition, Eric noted that he purchased the establishment in a bid to provide a platform for young and upcoming artists to showcase their talent.

He divulged that some of Kenya’s greatest musicians were discovered through performances at night clubs, adding that he hopes to discover the next big star in the country.

“I want to use this facility to grow talent. I will allow upcoming artists to shoot their videos here, I'll be hosting talent nights every Tuesday and basically use this space to grow Kenyan talent. Nameless, Redsan, Nonini, all these legends were discovered at F2 Club. This is the new F2 for all Kenyan artists," he was quoted by Citizen Digital.

From the photos shared on its Instagram page, Maxy’s Lounge seems to be a favourite spot for revelers in the city.

Case Vera Lounge

Located at the Ngong Road- Kaburu Drive intersection is Casa Vera Lounge; a high-end owned by renowned musician KRG the Don.

Speaking during an interview with Eve Mungai, KRG said establishing the club cost over Sh200 million, adding that it has been a long term project.

As to why it was established on Ngong Road, KRG noted that it was for accessibility purposes.

“We decided to put it in Ngong road so the place is accessible… We bought the land back in the day and it cost me around 155 million, setting up took around 60 million… so I can say, setting up the whole club took roughly over 200 million shillings,” he said.

To ensure efficiency and effective customer service, the club has several counters where revelers can get their drinks, thus reducing congestion.

Number 7

The club is owned by popular film producer Eugene Mbugua. Located along Koinange Street, Number 7 is a famous cocktail joint especially for university students as its closer to the University of Nairobi and the Kenya Methodist University.

Number 7 is one of the businesses that propelled Mbugua to be one of the richest young men in the country. However, he also notes that the business pushed him into suffering one of his biggest losses ever.

Club Number 7 in Nairobi CBD. [Photo: Courtesy]

Speaking during an interview with Bikozulu, Mbugua noted that the success of CBD branch prompted him and his partners to open another branch in Westlands, only for it fail.

“The location was wrong. We were wrong about Westlands as a party destination. We lost money in the double-digit millions in a period of six months,” he opined.

Pavillion VX

Pavilion XV located in Kitengela along the Kitengela-Namanga Road is reportedly owned by Veteran comedian, Daniel 'Churchill' Ndambuki.

The club boasts amazing facilities which contribute to its elegance. Some of the amenities at Pavilion XV include; an automatic car wash named XV Car wash, ample parking space, a modern barbershop, and a spa.

The club also has a restaurant that offers a variety of food including nyama choma.

Pavilion XV club in Kitengela. [Photo: Courtesy]

At the club, one can find a variety of games such as snooker pool table, carrot board, darts, chess, card games and poker games among others.

In the list of events, the club has Thursday Reggae therapy hosted by the best reggae DJs and MCs such as Dj Moh Spice and Mbusii. On Friday is the Friday Finesse hosted by the best urban music DJs and MCs such as DJ Joe Mfalme, Jalang’o, Eric Omondi among others.