Former IEBC Commissioner Dr Roselyn Akombe   [Courtesy]  

Former IEBC Commissioner Dr Roselyn Akombe has claimed that she’s been receiving death threats over the last General Election.

Responding to a story by Citizen Digital, on Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho’s statement on second Huduma Namba mass registration, Akombe claimed that the man who allegedly interfered with the IEBC servers was now at the helm of Huduma Kenya.

Although Akombe did not mention names, it is worth noting that former IEBC ICT Director James Muhati is the Huduma Kenya Chief Executive, and is among the people who will oversee the Huduma Namba process.

“A reminder that the man who allegedly tampered with the 2017 register of voters, manipulated the KIEMS and irregularly used the Chairman’s password to access the FTP Server and make changes to the F34Bs is at the helm of Huduma Kenya,” she tweeted.

Former IEBC ICT Director James Muhati who's now in-charge of Huduma Kenya.   

Her tweet caught the attention of a tweep identified as @SteeNyamu, who advised her to document the claims she was making in affidavits to make them admissible in court in case anything happens to her.

“Hizi vitu andika kwa affidavit, you will thank me later,” Nyamu posted.

Akombee Death Threats

Responding to the tweep, Akombe noted that she has already filed affidavits with her lawyers in different locations, adding that she has been receiving death threats from unknown people.

According to her, the truth regarding the 2017 election will eventually come out even if someone succeeds in eliminating her.

“Done, a while back. With my lawyers in multiple locations- in safe custody. Those who keep sending me death threats should know that the truth will live on, even if they succeed to send me to my ancestors,” she said.