Lugari MP Ayub Savula is accused of physically harassing gospel musician Bahati.

Reports indicated that Mr Savula, who was on the same flight with Bahati, also harrased other passengers.

Savula was on Sunday night detained at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport police station following a complaint by one of the passengers that he abused her.

The MP was also accused of physically harassing Bahati for allegedly trying to take his photographs and videos.

Complainant Speaks

Dorothy Oliech claimed Savula had been winking at her and a passenger who was seated next to her when she advised him against the behaviour.

“The onset of all this is, he was winking to a lady seated next to me and I. This behaviour was totally unacceptable to us and he was requested to stop, after which he started abusing me, my mother and father,” Oliech said in a post.

”I am deeply hurt as a woman, a mother of two daughters, a daughter, sister, aunt and as the CEO of a modelling agency which works with a lot of young women. I can only imagine what my fellow women and young girls go through in their day to day activities,” she added.