President Uhuru Kenyatta is currently the most powerful man in the country thanks to his role as the Head of State. Being President means that one needs to follow the set security guidelines that include staying off some places and having to tag security everywhere you go.

These protocols make it hard to keep old friends since they are always subjected to thorough screening and scrutiny before they can engage with you.

Most leaders who ascend to power often cut ties with their former friends in an attempt to shield them from the public eye. However, for President Uhuru Kenyatta, he still hangs out with his old friends and once in a while, they meet and have fun at undisclosed places.

Here are 5 friends President Kenyatta hangs out with in private:

Njee Muturi

He is the Deputy Chief of Staff at Office of the President. He is a long-term friend and aid of the President. He served the President as his personal assistant for 11 years before he ascended to power. The two met and became friends at the St Mary’s School in Nairobi.

Maluki Mwendwa

Maluki is the son of former Chief Justice, the late Kitili Mwendwa. Maluki and Uhuru grew up together in Mombasa and became friends. The friendship has lasted to date. In 2018, he vied for the Kitui West Parliamentary seat but lost to Edith Nyenze; wife to the late Francis Nyenze.

Stanley Kinyanjui

Stanley Kinyanjui the director of Magnet Ventures advertising company. He enjoys a cordial relationship with the President. It is not clear where the friendship began, but the two are pretty close.

Richard Ngatia

He is the Chairperson of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI). He is also the owner of Galileo lounge; a top entertainment joint in Nairobi. It is rare to miss Mr Ngatia in the president’s key events. In 2017, he participated in a funds drive to raise campaign money for the Head of State.

Jimmy Kibaki

President Kenyatta and Jimmy Kibaki; son of former President Mwai Kibaki are reported to be close friends. The two reportedly became friends at St Mary’s High School. Their friendship was also fueled by the close ties between their families.

The President was a close friend of music producer nd former Youth Enterprise Fund chair Bruce Odhiambo who unfortunately succumbed to a heart attack in January 2019.