Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has weighed in on the Msambweni by-election noting that it should not be interpreted to mean that ODM is losing its grip of the Coastal region.

Speaking during an interview with KTN, Odinga noted that while ODM has conceded defeat in the mini-poll, it is important to note that there was unethical behavior in the by-election, adding that some Tangatanga lawmaker bribed voters to vote in a particular way.

“There is a behaviour of some Members of Parliament openly bribing voters in broad daylight, that is very unethical, it should not be encouraged in the future,” he said.

Explaining his earlier statement where he divulged that the Msambweni poll was a litmus test for BBI, Odinga clarified that he made the remarks in reference to Msambweni only and not countrywide.

“I mentioned that BBI will have a problem in Msambweni not nationwide… That cannot be taken as a litmus test countrywide, it was only in respect to Msambweni,” he said.

On Wednesday, the IEBC declared Independent candidate Feisal Bader as the Msambweni MP-elect.

Bader garnered 15,251 votes against ODM candidate Omar Boga who got 10, 444 votes.

Many were expecting the ODM candidate to carry the day as Msambweni is perceived to be an opposition stronghold, but the constituents had other ideas.

Feisal’s win is a massive boost for Deputy President William Ruto who had endorsed his bid earlier on. The win indicates that Ruto’s team is successfully making inroads in the Coastal region.