Health workers at the Kenyatta National Hospital have started their go-slow over delay in payment of salaries. 

The nurses through their union have accused the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) of failing to implement the new salary structure eight years since the agreement was reached.

The nurses union secretary-general Seth Panyako in an interview with KTN News said they resorted to strike because the SRC was behaving like it is the only institutional body in the country.

According to the nurses, SRC was taking them for a ride, blaming the commission for withholding money that had already been released.

"The money that we are talking about has been going back. We want SRC to give a letter advising KNH on payment, thereafter, the strike will be called off," he said.

Panyako said the Treasury had already released the money and Parliament had approved the Sh601 million.

"The only problem is that SRC does not want Kenyatta to implement the salary review process. We will not have any engagements until we receive a letter from SRC," he added.

According to SRC, the nurses were only re-categorized and the process did not have a salary review.