Netflix is currently the leading online streaming service in the world. As of October 2020, the platform had a total of 195 million paid subscribers globally. For any actor and producer, getting a TV show or movie slot on Netflix is big. With the huge following, movie makers stand a chance of being exposed to a broader audience.

Over the years, Kenyan movies have been listed on the platform. This is a remarkable fete considering that the Kenyan movie scene is still in its baby steps. We look at the five Kenyan movies to listen to on Netflix.  

Sincerely Daisy 

Sincerely Daisy is a Kenyan coming-of-age romantic comedy produced and directed by Nick Mutuma. The film stars Ella Maina, Brian Abejah, Sam Psenjen, and Mbeki Mwalimu in the lead roles. The film became the first-ever Kenyan feature film to be released via Netflix as an original. The film became one of the highly anticipated films after its trailer was released on September 2, 2020. 

40 Sticks  

40 stick is a Kenyan-produced 90-minute movie that premiered on Netflix on November 20. This action-thriller movie features a criminal gang of four — Pablo (Robert Agengo), Biggie (Mwaura Bilal), Mustafa (Andreo Kamau), and Majuju (Xavier Ywaya). The movie, which rose to the second most-watched on its first week on Netflix in Kenya, is particularly captivating in its deployment of slang/sheng with the unimaginative mix of English and Kiswahili.


Poacher is a Kenyan / British short film directed by Tom Whitworth. The film received wide international attention after its release on Netflix in September 2020. Shot in a dramatic film format, Poacher tells the story of a desperate farmer who runs into trouble after stealing a stash of blood ivory from a gang of terrorists. It features Brian Ogola as Mutua, Davina Leonard as Nicola Betts, Lenny Juma as Juma, and Shiviske Shivisi as Ngina.

Captain of Nakara 

The Captain of Nakara is a movie that features a lot of Kenyan talent, with most of the actors being familiar faces from television and others. Notable faces in the film include the late Charles Bukeko, Bernard Safari, who acts as a small-time thug who has just been released from prison in a presidential pardon together with his friend, Sunday, played by Charles Kiarie. The plot features around a recently released criminal from prison. He is a charming con man who continues his deceptive ways when he tries hiding.


Disconnect is a Kenyan romantic comedy film directed by David 'Tosh' Gitonga and Michael Jones. The film stars Kenyan actress Brenda Wairimu and actor Nick Mutuma who lead a diverse cast that explores the dating scene in Nairobi. A group of single people stumbles through the wild dating scene in Nairobi as two friends wonder if their relationship is more than platonic.