Former Cabinet Minister the late Joe Nyagah is set to be buried on Saturday December 19, 2020 in Mbeere South, Embu County.

Burial preparations are on course, with the family indicating that they’ll adhere to a list of wishes left behind by the deceased.

What has caught the eye of many are two intriguing wishes that the deceased left prior to his death.

According to the family, the late Joe Nyagah requested that no one should be allowed to view his body.

He also requested that he should not be buried in new clothes as is the norm in most Kenyan funerals where the deceased is buried with new attire as a way of paying last respects to the departed.

Regarding his final resting place, the family noted that Joe will be buried next to his grandfather’s grave facing the hills of Mbeere

In addition to the two wished, the family not that the late Joe Nyagah was a smart man who took his time to iron his clothes, adding that now that he is no more, his eldest son will take over the role and iron clothes he’ll be buried on.

““We cannot send him off in a wrinkled shirt. Never! His son Jeremiah John Mwaniki Nyagah will take care of the ironing,” Joe’s brother Norman Nyagah said as quoted by Standard.