Services at Kenyatta National Hospital have been after workers downed their tools demanding the implementation of 2012 salary review by Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC).

On Monday, secretary-general Seth Panyako said they resorted to strike because the SRC had decided to behave like it is the only institutional body in the country.

"The money that we are talking about has been going back. We want SRC to give a letter advising KNH on payment, thereafter, the strike will be called off," Mr Panyako stated.

"... the only problem is that SRC does not want Kenyatta to implement the salary review process. We will not have any engagements until we receive a letter from SRC," he added.

SRC Delays

The Kenya Union of Domestic, Hotels, Education Institutions, Hospitals and Allied Workers led by Shop Steward Kenneth Thuranira agreed that the SRC ought to implement the 2012 salary review for the workers to call off the strike.

In 2012 SRC’s advisory committee evaluated all parastatals in the country including referral hospitals such as KNH which they upgraded from level 3C to 7A, consequently elevating all the 7000 employees to a different salary scale a review the Lyn Mengich (SRC Chairperson) led body is adamant to enforce.