Healthy living and fitness have become a popular trend in Kenya. Notably, people of all ages are hopping on the trend. In recent years, prominent leaders have hopped on the trend as they seek to better their lives. Here are four Kenyan leaders who have embraced a healthy diet and fitness to lose weight extensively. 

Johnson Sakaja

The Nairobi senator currently looks slimmer compared to when he joined politics. The Super Senator revealed losing about 24 Kg through extensive exercise and a better diet. In a recent interview, Sakaja revealed that his main focus was cutting carbohydrate and alcohol intake. 

Cleophas Malala

In early 2020, Malala revealed that he had lost about 17kgs. Malala’s weight loss came through rigorous training and focusing on healthy eating. The sports-loving senator now looks slimmer, with his belly fat significantly shrinking.

Bitange Ndemo

Since leaving the public service, Ndemo embarked on a weight loss journey. Sometimes, the leader had to ally fear of sickness due to his weight loss. In a past interview, Ndemo has admitted to jogging almost 10km daily at the Karura forest trail. His journey has been one of strict discipline to ensure that he met his weight loss goals before the burden of it weighed heavily on his body and mind.

Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir

Mvita Member of Parliament, Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir lost over 40kg. According to the lawmaker, his secret to weight loss was hitting the gym regularly and focusing on a healthy diet. The lawmaker dismissed rumors that he was relying on weight loss pills. He maintains that to lose weight, one needs dedication.