The family of the late Joe Nyagah has appealed to all Kenyans regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking during the burial of Nyagah on Saturday, the family called on Kenyans to protect themselves.

Led by the firstborn son Mwaniki Nyagah, the family said they never took the disease with the seriousness it deserved until it hit their father.

"Coronavirus is real, we never took it seriously but we have seen it with our own eyes. My father was physically strong and walked 10 km every morning but covid took him in 4 weeks," Mwaniki said.

“The CS Kagwe has been telling us but maybe we were not listening. I want to urge all my agemates to do everything in their power to protect their loved ones,” he added.

Mwaniki said his father was a good man who had instilled good values in all of his children.

He added that his father grew up dreaming to be a military man but his dream never came true.

"This is the reason my father at 69 years he vied for the presidency because he knew the only way he could join the military at that age was to be the commander in chief of this republic," Mwaniki said.

He said their father would always brag of how he was number three in that election.

"He could always say forget about the votes I got, what matters is that I was number three," he said.

His sentiments were echoed by Nyagah's brother Norman who said the late succumbed to the disease since 97 per cent of his lungs had been eaten up by the disease.