Google released its annual Search list for 2020. The list revealed the people who shaped 2020 and moments that captured the Kenyan’s attention.

Here are things that Kenyans wanted to know more about.


Kenyans wanted to know more about the demise of personalities and these are some of the most searched for names after their deaths.

1. Papa Shirandula

2. Kobe Bryant

3. Former president Daniel Moi

4. Ken Walibora

5. Kenny Rogers



2. Quarantine

3. Dexamethasone

4. Pfizer

5. Vitamin C

What Is

1. What is Coronavirus

2. What is curfew

3. What is happening in Nigeria

4. What is Halloween

5. What is fever


1 Miguna Miguna

2. Babu Owino

3. Raphael Tuju

4. Ruth Matete

5. Joan Kubai