Renowned Kenyan lawyer Miguna Miguna has declared interest in the Nairobi Gubernatorial race in the by-election set for next year.

In a tweet on Saturday night, Miguna noted that after consulting, and being a Kenyan citizen with all the required qualifications, he had decided to declare his interest in the seat left vacant after the impeachment of Mike Sonko.

“Having received competent legal advice from @waikwawanyoike on Dec. 19, 2020, I, Miguna Miguna, a Kenyan citizen by birth and registered voter in Nairobi, hereby declare my candidature for the position of Governor of Nairobi in the upcoming by-election. Volunteers are welcomed,” he tweeted.

Following the announcement, many were eagerly waiting to see how Miguna will actualize his bid since he was deported to Canada in 2018, and his efforts to return to the country have been futile.

He has made two attempts to jet back to Kenya but was not allowed to leave the airport on both occasions.

In view of the above, Miguna appears to have a plan that includes re-assembling his 2017 campaign team and having them do all the necessary arrangements.

In a tweet, Miguna noted that the team should collect the nomination forms, fill them up and submit them to the IEBC.

He also noted that the team will be in-charge of rallying his supporters to turn out and vote for him, claiming that the State may look to bring back leaders who were defeated in the last election.

“Viva, Comrade Ogolla. Constitute the old 2017 team and recruit new patriots and freedom fighters. Have a team to collect nomination papers from the @IEBCKenya, organize teams to complete, sign and file the nominations papers. Let's prove to cartels that Kenya belongs to us. Bravo,” he tweeted.

“…The best support right now for us, is to be organized and to mobilize. The cartels will try their old games. They will rebrand the crook Peter Kenneth, or Wanjiru, Waweru, Jimna Mbaru, or Kidero. But Kenyans are waking up like never before. Viva!” he added.

Kenyans are eagerly waiting to see if the plan materializes, considering that the government is yet to comply with court orders giving Miguna an unconditional return to Kenya.