Joe Nyagah’s lungs were completely destroyed by Covid-19, his brother Norman Nyagah revealed.

Norman said a chest x-ray done after Joe had been moved from the Covid-19 ICU confirmed the news.

“Joe had recovered from Covid and that is why he was moved to ICU…My family continued to see him and encourage him but the lungs were completely destroyed," Norman said.

“The doctors gave the family a choice…either he lives in a ventilator or the family thinks otherwise,” he continued.

The family wanted to take Joe to India for further treatment, according to his brother.

“I told the doctors that I am affiliated to over 500 hospitals worldwide… I can actually take Joe to Chennai in India where we can do a bilateral lung transplant and he can survive," Norman said.

Two hours later as he was conversing with the doctors, Joe suffered cardiac arrest. He got another attack a few hours later but according to Norman, they lasted for only a few minutes.