Orange Democratic Movement Secretary General Edwin Sifuna has apologized over his recent vulgar remarks targeted towards Malindi Member of Parliament Aisha Jumwa.

Speaking after recording a statement with the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC), Sifuna noted that he was sorry for making such remarks.

He has offered to undertake 50 hours of probono legal service to victims of gender based violence as a way of making up for his remarks.

“I have recorded my statement with @NCIC_Kenya this morning during which I offered an unreserved apology to all those offended by my language. I have also offered to undertake 50 hours probono legal services to victims of gender based violence in 2021,” he tweeted.

While campaigning in the recently concluded Msambweni mini-poll, Jumwa without evidence and in the foulest of languages, claimed that her rivals planned to mete on her unprintable violations.

She went on to say that she wasn’t intimidated as she was no stranger in the business they were planning.

Sifuna responded in kind and body-shamed the Malindi MP stating other unprintable remarks.

Following their exchange, NCIC issued summons to both leaders to appear before it and explain their sides of the story.