Residents of a village in Wajir County are living in fear after al-shabaab militants mutilated the body of a chief and disposed his head at a major road in the area.

Gumarey Sub Location Assistant Chief Omar Adan Buul was kidnapped last week only for his head to be found disposed between Khorof Harar and Konton roads on Monday.

Reports indicate that the militants flee with the other parts of the body.

The incident has caused panic in the area with a section of residents opting to staying at home in a bid to avoid clashing with the militants who are believed to be hiding somewhere in the area.

Police are currently conducting an operation to trace the militants and recover the remains of the murdered chief.

Meanwhile, suspected al-shabaab militants last week destroyed another communication mast in Mandera.

The incident was confirmed by Mandera South Deputy Commissioner Nyamboka Mounda.

However, no casualties were reported. Reports have emerged that the attackers are targeting road users and, by destroying the mast, they were trying to cut off communication.

The destruction comes barely a month after the militants destroyed another mast in Garissa County.