The Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) on Monday pleaded with Senators to intervene and avert a looming crisis as huge sums of money were yet to be surrendered by the Nairobi County government.

NMS deputy director-general William Kang’eth in a meeting with the Senate Health Committee said they were unable to harmonize salaries for their staff, promote or redesignate them as a result of the pending transfer of resources from the Governor Sonko administration. 

In the meeting, Senators heard that Nairobi County Government is yet to handover payroll for staff seconded to NMS hindering effecting of staff deserved promotions, redesignations and their salary harmonization.

NMS Director of Health Services, Dr Josephine Kibaru Mbae asked the Senate to intervene by ensuring the transfer of critical accounts and their signatories to the NMS.

She told the special sitting that  Ksh127 Million is still being held in the Special Purpose Account of the County at the Central Bank of Kenya.

The funds, Dr Kibaru says, were meant to benefit health centres across the city. 

Governor Mike Sono is yet to let go another Ksh79 Million and an additional Ksh47 million meant for user fee forgone for Nairobi health centres and dispensaries and COVID-19 respectively.

The funds are still held at the Governor Sonko administered County Revenue Fund Accounts. Despite pressure to execute the functions and account for the funds by the donors, the county government had not released them.

In May this year, NMS Director General Major Mohammed Badi decried having little funds to run the four core transferred county functions.

“We started off with the minimal funds that we could get but that is not enough. There is no budget yet because there was a legal tussle in allocating NMS a budget,” disclosed Badi.