Female police officers have been issued with new guidelines on how to dress and groom themselves.

The officers were told their hair must not extend beyond the collar of the blouse or interfere with wearing of all official headgear. The hair should also not fall over the ears or on the forehead below the headband.

In addition, they are required to keep their make-up subtle and discreet. Only natural and clear nail polish may be used. In the new regulations, nail extensions are not permitted and tattoos must be covered.

Tough Rules

Officers manning gender desks and Child Protection Units have been excluded from wearing the uniform on duty, but they are still tied to the directive to keep their hair, make-up and body arts to the bare minimum.

Deputy Inspector-General Edward Mbugua has threatened to take disciplinary action against female police officers who dress inappropriately while on duty or apply heavy make-up.

Long braids, flashy weaves, huge afros and other hairstyles that either hamper wearing of safety gear or go beyond the facial features stated in the rule book.

Police officers have had to dig into their own pockets to acquire the new ensemble.