A KDF sergeant was on Saturday December 26, 2020 killed by an angry mob in Utawala, Nairobi at night while heading home with his brother.

Reports indicate that the KDF sergeant said hi to an engaged lady, causing the disgust of her partner.

The disgust reportedly caused an argument between the couple and the soldier, leading to a fierce fight.

According to the DCI, the soldier and his brother overpowered the couple forcing them to scream and seek for help.

It is at this point that a group of six people ganged up on the soldier and his brother.

The soldier was beaten to death while his brother escaped narrowly.

Five suspected have been arrested over the murder.

Here is the full statement from the DCI:

“Last night, a KDF Sergeant lost his life in the most bizarre manner, after he was beaten and left for dead by a group of 6 people. The 38-year-old soldier and his brother were walking home from Fahari Hotel in Utawala, where they had made merry all evening imbibing drinks.

Along the way, they came across a couple on a rendezvous and the deceased greeted the lady much to the disgust of her fiancé. An argument ensued culminating to a stone throwing match pitting the couple on one side and the Sergeant leading the charge on the other.

When the couple was overpowered, they raised alarm screaming for help claiming that they had been attacked by robbers. As a result, a mob of six men came to the couple’s aid and clobbered the Sergeant to death. His brother escaped by a whisker.

Detectives have since arrested five suspects in connection with the murder. They will be arraigned on Monday to answer to their crimes.”